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  1. Hello,

    I have a cousin who is studying in US and needs help in his college project work. Need your help.. We can discuss further.

    1. So is the, “Machine Language” still the standard, (Fortran 12)?
      Or has the world, “And machine language” – moved on?
      One of the first programs I ever wrote in, “Fortran 12” was to run in a simple, (five-axis, CNC mill). It was for machining the first, “Teflon” and also, “Nylon” replacement hip joints for the elderly. The design called for me to write a program which completed the “Hip Joints” and also, “Knee Joints”. And do so, “In a single machining process, using (only).
      A total of 38 tools! Only 38 different tools in order to do everything needed! (38 was the total number of tool holders which this particular 20,000rpm spindle, @150HP.- CNC mill could be set-up with at one time).
      Which was, “Absolutely, (State of the Art) back in, (1987)”!
      The materials I tried out when making the prototypes included not just the two listed above. But also many more, “Exotic’s”
      Which was, “A new type of classification, even at that time”. And many were also, “Classified” for security purposes as well!
      And what would you think they would look like, “Sight Un-seen”? Just random average, “Earth” type shades right?
      Well, with the exception of the solid, (Dirty-Yellow) colored “Kevlar”, and also the very similarly colored, “New, High Tech” metal, “Alloy” recently named, “Monel” in block form. ”
      What”, would you think that I “might”, use to make and then (Lab test) these from, back in “1987”? To indeed make…-
      What are, “Actually”, “Internal, Human Prosthetic, Replacement, Hip and Knee Joints” made from? I will say though.
      “ALL” of the other materials had, (as “prefix” to their names, The word, “Virgin”! Which fit “Very” well indeed!
      But Why?
      Because, without exception? “ALL” of the other materials were a very, Very pure and Solid, (White) in color!
      ‘Virgin Nylon, Virgin Teflon, Virgin Polyester and on, and on…!
      Which were all machined to their “Very” specific, and precisely dimensioned shape.
      “Always” with an “inherent” close tolerancing,- And into that,
      (Patient Specific), Custom made and dimensionally accurate.
      “Specifically To”, that patients, own personal, “Finished Geometry”!
      And all In a single, “One, 1.75 Hour-Long cycle”! Imagine watching the CNC mill at full speed. “Milling, Drilling and Roughing”. Then again, “Milling, Profiling and Finishing”. At a rate of up to “2000 Inches per minute”! With pure, solid micro-grain carbide tooling with “Titanium Nitride, coated endmills”!!! No one whom ever saw this didn’t comment about the ‘Forced, Snow white BLIZZARD taking place “IN-side, my machine shop! My “machinists” could barely keep up! Removing the artificial “Speed Blizzard” within their area’s was quite the task!. But, armed with snow shovels and large brooms they did! A “Symphony” Which, “I Wrote”! Coupled with the, “Dance” of the Machine! And also the, “Dancing Eye’s”! Of Those whom I watched enjoying the “Show” at certain times. Now that?
      “THAT” was a feeling of a (Job Well Done)! And, “That”, can never be taken from me! Mine forever!

      So, Your using maybe, like uhm, “Fortran #324.7” now?
      Is “Swirl Interpolation” still, (G35 and G36)? Clockwise, L & R, respectively. “Then invert?
      I always wanted a machine that could talk. And at the end of a long, long day?
      That machine would, “With it’s voice a “Raspy, world weary and dull, thin and reedy chop”. “E’eor”,- yet gasps.
      He grunts once and look’s around. Always, always as if it may be his last.
      Finally he look’s you deep in the eye’s.
      (You dread, what come’s next) And then..

      AS HE “POOF”, Turns into, “BUG’S BUNNY”– But, ON STEROIDS! Higher voice! Nut’s in a vice-voice!
      AND HE SAY’S?????
      YA BETTER NOT WUSS-OUT ON ME AGAIN!! C’mon! Another 8 hours ‘o just me ‘n you fella…..”Put ”em up”! Put ’em uuup!
      Or invest in Band Aid’s pal. Here I coooome!!
      R. Scott O.
      X-Factor Audio Solutions

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  3. Dear All,
    I am looking for an answer .

    How to Calculate the line frequency of An AC Induction Motor ?

  4. Hi,

    It was useful. can you suggest best circuit diagram with the component for charging 18650 battery Six Cell at a time with display for battery level or Percentage?

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