50+ Seminar Topics for ECE Students

A comprehensive list of Seminar Topics for ECE Students is given in this page. A Technical Seminar Presentation is an important part of the Engineering curriculum along with the Project.

A technical presentation on a seminar topic will help an Engineering student to understand the topic well and also gain knowledge about that topic by doing background research. Students can also improve their communication, public speaking and presentation skills by presenting a good seminar topic.

But, most engineering students find it difficult in choosing a good seminar topic for presentation. So, to help out all the students, here is the list of latest seminar topics for ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) students.

NOTE: Feel free to add any interesting topics in the comments section to help out other students.

Latest Seminar Topics:

  1.  Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs): OLED is latest technology in electronics. They are organic as they are made out of carbon and hydrogen. A series of thin organic films are placed between two conductors. As they emit light, they don’t need back light. Hence they are thinner and more efficient.
  2. Pill Camera: Pill camera is the pill shaped camera that can be swallowed and is used in the treatment of cancer ,ulcers and anaemia. This Pill can travel into our without causing any harm and takes the images of intestines and send it to the receiver.
  3. Plastic Solar cell technology: Solar cell technology can absorb the sunlight and convert it into useful electrical energy. But on the cloudy this cell cannot work. So plastic solar cell was invented. This can utilise suns energy even on a cloudy day.
  4.  The Bio-Chip Technology: The bio-chip technology is the emerging technology these days. This paper explains about using it for disease diagnosing ,detecting bio terrorists etc.
  5. Iris Recognition as A Biometric Technique: This paper explains about iris recognition algorithms and the results of the experiments conducted on many iris.
  6. E-Waste: This paper provides brief explanation about E-waste. E- Waste is going to be generated in large quantity due to the evolution of technology. This paper also explains about recycling of e-waste.
  7. Smart Note Taker: Smart note can be used to take the note of everything using a pen and the data is stored in the memory of the pen. It can also take quick note of telephone conversions and it also aids blind people.
  8. Optical Ethernet: Optical Ethernet extended LANS to MANs and WANs. This PPT explains about this optical Ethernet technology.
  9. IBOC Technology: IBOC stand for In Band On Channel. This is a method of transmitting digital and analogue radio signals on the same frequency without allocating other spectrum.
  10. Honeypots: Honey pot is a well designed system. It attracts the hackers and monitors the changes done by them to the system.
  11. E-Textiles: This paper explains the e-textiles technology. It explains the challenges faced, for integrating the electronics into the fabric.
  12. Metamorphic Robots: This paper explains the implementation and design of metamorphic robots.metamorphic robot is a collection of independent mechatronic modules.
  13.  Spectrum Pooling: The Electromagnetic Wave bandwidth or Spectrum is an important, precious and a limited resource that must be utilized very carefully.  Spectrum Pooling is a strategy of sharing the Radio frequency between two systems without any disputes.
  14. Arm Based Embedded Web Server: Here an Arm Processor based embedded web server was designed. This is used for monitoring the agricultural applications.
  15. Multipurpose Robot: Here a multipurpose robot is designed.This multipurpose robot can be used in civil and military applications. It can handle many military functions like spying enemy, providing night security, etc and civil functions like detecting gas leakage,rescue operations during disasters etc.
  16. Microbivores: Nano Technology is expanding to all fields even medicine. Microbivores are nano robots that are injected in patients for a wide range of antimicrobial purposes.
  17.  Barcodes: Barcodes can be seen every where these days. Barcodes are used for identification in business process.They reduce the human error.This paper explains the basics of barcode technology.
  18. Audio Spotlighting: Audio spot lighting indicates projecting the audio to a particular like light so that no can hear it.It can be delivered to a particular listener or to an area.
  19. PolytronicsPolytronics refers to polymer electronics.They play a major role in flexible electronics.
  20. Infrared Plastic Solar Cell: Energy produced from coal, gas, water will not last as the requirement for energy is always increasing. Solar Energy has been considered as the cost effective solution. Infrared Plastic Solar Cells are made of conducting plastic (polymer) with power increased conversion efficiency.
  21. Paper Battery: Paper battery is a ultra thin energy storage device which is very flexible. This paper shows the structure and applications of a paper battery.
  22. Easy-To-Swallow Wireless Telemetry: This paper explain about the electronic pill which can be swallowed into the body for knowing about certain functions of the body parts.
  23. Bio Battery: The bio battery explained here is a boon to environment.It is an eco friendly device that receives energy from microorganisms etc.
  24. Solar Tree: Solar tree is a collection of solar panel with automatic tracking technology.They are generally arranged on the roads so that they can be used to power advertising hoardings.
  25. Wearable Photoplethysmographic SensorsThis paper summarises the wearable sensors and their functioning in rehabilitation.
  26. Footwear-Based Wearable Systems: Wearables is a technology where fashion meets electronics. Footwear based Wearable System helps in navigation, medical applications, fitness etc.
  27. Flexible Electronic Skin: This article shows a flexible electronic skin which is grown in the laboratory and is attached to the user skin.This is like a tattoo and it monitors different parameters like temperature, heart rate,etc
  28. Face Liveness Detection: This paper proposes a single image-based face liveness detection method for discriminating 2-D paper masks from the live faces.
  29. Eye Directive Wheelchair: This chair aids the people with physical disabilities.The chair is controlled by the eye direction of the user.When the user looks in particular angle chair is controlled according to that angle.
  30. Lip Contour Detection: This paper explains two algorithms for extracting the lip from the face.It is useful in many computer vision applications.
  31. Kite Technology: Among the renewable energy resources wind energy is increasing because of its high strength.This paper provides different affects of aerodynamics at high altitude and at different angles.
  32. iMouse: I mouse is an integrated mobile surveillance and wireless sensor system is used for online real time monitoring and event driven etc.
  33.  Stratellite: Startellite is an air ship employed at high altitude in stratosphere.This acts like a satellite but unlike satellite it is not placed in the orbit.
  34. Polymer LED (PLED): PLED or Polymer Light Emitting Diode is a new technology in displays: PLED Displays are suitable for large array displays.
  35. Surface Mount Technology: Surface mount components are those which are placed directly on the surface unlike through hole.Using of SMT components reduces the space used than through hole.
  36. Data Loggers: Data loggers are used widely in industries.They collect the information such as temperature ,humidity etc.
  37. Third Generation Solid State Drives: Solid state devices are those which do not have any moving parts and they emulates the magnetic hard disk drives.
  38. Smart Dust: Smart Dust is an tiny device that can be held in the environment to monitor the real world phenomena.
  39. Plasma Display: This paper explains the working of a plasma display.One can see the plasma display in TVs.
  40. E-nose: E nose is an electronic nose that detects odours,vapours and gases.
  41. FPGA in Space: FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are being used in space applications for over a decade but the results are mixed. FPGA Vendors (like Xilinx and Atmel) started working on Single Event Upset (SEU) lessening technologies in FPGAs.
  42. Integrated Power Electronics Module: Technological improvements in power electronics have lead to achieve high power density and low volumetric profile. Power Electronics Module is a key system in any electronics system.
  43. Image based Authentication System: Image based Authentication System is an alternative to the traditional username and password type authentication. This type of authentication can be used as an independent system or along side the password based authentication for improved security and usability.
  44. Security in Embedded Systems: Security in Embedded Systems like Mobile Phones, Network Switches and Routers, Sensors, Smart Devices etc. is of utmost importance as they need to transfer, store or process sensitive information. New Security measure will not only involve protocols and cryptography but also the microarchitecture, design method, system architecture etc.
  45. Embedded Systems and Autonomous Car: Embedded Systems are a collaboration of Hardware and Software. An Autonomous Car is a fully computerized car, which simulates a human driver and controls the vehicle on road. Development of Autonomous Cars shows the technical brilliance and advancements in the field of embedded systems.
  46. Wireless Communications from High Altitude Platforms: The World is shifting from wired networks to wireless at a rapid pace. People want high speed wireless communication, where they do not have to hassle with bunch of wires. Wireless Communication using High Altitude Platforms (HAP) enables remote villages and rural areas to access high speed communication.
  47. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting: The demand for energy is always increasing and we must start looking for alternative sources of energy. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting is an interesting method of generating energy that can act as an alternative to the traditional method of energy generation. The mechanical strain in a piezoelectric object is converted in to electrical energy.
  48. Spintronics (Spin Electronics): Spintronics or Spin Electronics is an emerging topic in the area of Physics where the spin of electron is used alongside the charge of the electron to carry information. This exploitation of electron spin will open opportunities in nano – electronic devices. Spintronics is also known as Magneto Electronics, as the spin of the electron is controlled by an external magnetic field.
  49. Designing Low-Energy Embedded Systems: The designers of Embedded Systems are packing more features within the same real estate. This lead to large power dissipation and hence researchers and designers are working on Low Power Embedded Systems in order to increase the battery life.
  50. Thermoelectric Generator: The interest for sustainable energy is increasing as consumers are ready invest in generating electricity at their home as an alternative to the main power. Thermoelectric Generator is one such device (or a system) which generates electricity from waste heat. This promising technology can solve power crisis at the consumer level.