60+ Interesting ARM Projects For Electronic Students

ARM is a RISC architecture based micro processors that is developed by ARM holdings , British company.ARM controller is of low cost and is faster than other controllers.As it is made of RISC architecture it requires less number of transistors compared to processors with  CISC architecture.Because of this they are widely used in consumer electronics like smart phones,tablets and other embedded devices. ARM Company sells the  processor core which is then licensed by the others and they add peripherals converting them into microcontrollers.




  • Design and Development Web Server Based on ARM Processor: This project is implemented to develop an embedded web server to provide services to any requesting clients using ARM 9 processor and a real time processor.
  • Real Time Vehicle Theft Identity and Control System Based on ARM 9: This vehicle anti-theft control system overcomes the disadvantages of earlier car alarm systems using pressure, door, shock and tilt sensors by implementing face recognition of authorized access using ARM 9 processor.
  • Digital PID Controller for DC Motor Drive System for Mobile Robot: This design reduces the manpower and production cost in an agriculture system by implementing precise motor drive system for controlling mobile robots. An ARM 9 based controller implements the digital PID controller for the drive system.
  • ARM Based Wireless Electric Board: Traditional way of teaching using blackboard with chalk replaced by this design which offers book size touch screen with electrical pen. The hand writing signal converted will be converted into electrical signals, transferred to PC and finally projected on a large screen. This system uses ARM 9 board and real time operating system for handheld device.
  • Wireless Network Based Mines Safety System Using ARM9: The main objective of this project is to increase the safety of the workers who work in the underground by continuously monitoring the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, gas and other environmental conditions. This design uses ARM 9 processor and Zigbee sensor module as primary components.
  • Biometric System Based Electronic Voting Machine Using Arm9 Microcontroller: This system develops an ARM 9 microcontroller based finger print electronic voting machine which acquires, process and stores the voting data. This design is simple, easy to adaptable and cost-effective.


Home Automation

  • ARM Based Smart Power Saving System for Home Automation: This project is implemented to build smart automated control system using an ARM processor in order to prevent the wastage of power in homes and offices by detecting motion of persons, number of persons, day light availability, temperature, etc.
  • Smart Home Design Based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network and ARM Controller: The project aims to develop a real time monitor and automatic control of home appliances to establish greenhouse automation by sensing different parameters like humidity, temperature, soil moisture and light intensity. This ARM controller based project also helps to communicate with server using TEAM VIEWER software.

Robotics Using ARM

  • GSM Controlled Robotics Using PIRThe project presented here shows the GSM controlled robot. It can detect the human by using a PIR sensor attached to it. The robot is controlled using GSM technology. This can be used in military applications for searching the terrorists.
  • Design of inspection and cleaning robotInspection and cleaning processes in electrical power plants are tedious and time consuming tasks. For this purpose a cleaning robot was developed. This robot is guided wirelessly.
  • Autonomous Mobile Platform for Intelligent Control of RobotHere an autonomous robot for security purpose is proposed here. This robot can monitor the presence of unauthorized people in the secured zone. This can also detect the presence of explosives in the areas where human cannot go. A camera is attached to the robot, so that it can provide the continuous monitoring of the surrounding area.
  • Mobile Robot using ARM Processor for Line Following Application: The scope of this project is to implement a line following mobile robot with IR sensing capability using an ARM based processor. Based on the IR sensing, ARM controls the DC motor speed with use of PWM technique
  • Mine Detection Robot Using ARM Microcontroller and GPS Technology: This project helps the armed or military forces to detect the mines laid by the enemies before they could enter into a particular area. GPS navigates the robot and RF technology enables the reception of the detection signals. The whole circuit is controlled by an ARM microcontroller.
  • Implementation of Accelerometer based Robot motion and Speed control with Obstacle detection: This project is implemented to design a spy robot with wireless camera attached to it using ARM controller. The proposed design remotely controls the robot motion by Zigbee module.
  • Automation in agriculture field using arm 7 based robot : A smart robot that is used in agriculture is designed here. This robot waters the plants automatically. Amount of water given depends on soil moisture. A moisture sensor is used to measure the moisture in the soil. Working algorithm is explained here.
  • Object Sorting Robot Using Image Processing: A color based object sorting robot is designed in this paper using ARM processor. Object sorting is mostly used in industries. Here color of the object is identified using image processing. A camera placed on the robot captures the image of the robot and processes it


  • Smart parking using wireless sensor networks: This paper shows a smart parking system. This system can reduce the time required for searching the free parking place. This improves the quality of life in smart cities, and also reduces pollution due to vehicular traffic.
  • Teaching human gestures to humanoid robots by using Kinect sensor: This study shows a new algorithm that recognizes human actions and reproduce them on humanoid robot. The human actions were realized and three dimensional skeleton positions were obtained from kinect. These are transformed to humanoid robot.
  • Staff Attendance using ARM Microcontroller: This paper proposes an attendance management system. This system is based on TCP/IP protocol and RFID technology.
  • Encryption by using AES Algorithm: This paper implements the encryption algorithm on ARM7  to provide security to the data in military. The main aim of this project is to provide security to the storage devices.


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