100+ Microcontroller Based Mini Projects Ideas

Earlier, we have already published various projects ideas like Embedded Systems Projects, top PIC microcontroller projects, etc. All those projects ideas are gathered from different sources and published here especially for final year engineering students.

Due to many impressive features of microcontrollers, any engineering student like to work on the projects based on microcontrollers. So, In this page, we are going to publish the list of mini projects based on microcontroller. These microcontroller based mini projects are very useful for the engineering students of II and III year.

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List of Microcontroller based Mini Projects:

  • 2 Digit Up Down Counter: The main principle of this circuit is to increment the values on seven segment displays by pressing the button. This circuit can be mainly used in scoreboards.
  • 5 Channel IR Remote Control System using Microcontroller: This article is aimed to design and demonstrate a simple 5 channel remote control system to drive five loads. This circuit works on the principle of IR communication.
  • 8 Channel Quiz Buzzer Circuit using Microcontroller: We built the circuit using a microcontroller which scans the input from push buttons and displays the corresponding number on a display device.
  • Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights: This is a simple circuit that automatically controls the intensity of street lights which is designed using microcontroller and LEDs.
  • Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System: The main aim of this project is to operate and control the unmanned railway gate in the proper manner in order to avoid the accidents in the unmanned railway crossing.
  • Bidirectional Visitor Counter using 8051: This Bidrectional Visitor Counter Circuit is helpful to count the number of persons entering or leaving a room and to display it on a screen.
  • Bipolar LED Driver Circuit: This bipolar LED driver circuit is very useful at the places where flashing of light is required, as in beacon flashing. This circuit can be mainly used for indication purposes.
  • Boolean Algebra Calculator: This Boolean algebra calculator is an interesting project which is more useful in our real life by working as a portable calculator to simplify the Boolean expression on the fly. In our circuit, we use Boolean algebra simplification methods like the Quine-McCluskey algorithm to simplify the Boolean expression and display the output on the display.
  • Celsius Scale Thermometer using AT89C51: This Celsius Scale Thermometer circuit is designed using at89c51 and lm35. This circuit works on analog to digital conversion principle. It can be used at homes, mobile places like cars to keep a track of the temperature.
  • Digital Tachometer using 8051 Microcontroller: Here we designed a simple non contact tachometer using microcontroller which can measure speed with an accuracy of 1 rev/sec.
  • Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller: In this system, we use IR sensors to measure the traffic density. We have to arrange one IR sensor for each road; these sensors always sense the traffic on that particular road. All these sensors are interfaced to the microcontroller. Based on these sensors, controller detects the traffic and controls the traffic system.
  • Digital Temperature Sensor: The main principle of this circuit is to display the digital temperature value. These are mainly used in environmental applications.
  • Digital Voltmeter using 8051 Microcontroller: This is a simple digital voltmeter circuit designed using 8051 microcontroller. This circuit measures the input voltage from 0V to 5V. Here, the input voltage should be DC voltage to get the accurate output on LCD.
  • DTMF Based Home Automation System Circuit: This is a simple and very useful circuit in our real life named DTMF controlled home appliances system. It helps to control the home appliances using DTMF technology.
  • Interfacing 16×2 LCD with 8051: This is a simple circuit diagram which helps to describe interfacing of 16X2 LCD module to AT89C51which is a 8051 family microcontroller.
  • Interfacing 16X2 LCD to AVR Microcontroller: This is a circuit which helps in interfacing 16X2 LCD with AVR Microcontroller. The Atmega16 belongs to the AVR microcontroller family.
  • Interfacing16X2 LCD with PIC Microcontroller: This is a circuit which helps in interfacing 16×2 LCD to PIC18F4550 microcontroller which is of family PIC18F.
  • Interfacing 7 Segment Display to 8051: This article describes you how to interface seven segments to AT89C51 microcontroller. This system displays the digits from 0 to 9 continuously with a predefined delay.
  • DC Motor Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller: Here is a simple but very useful circuit in our real life named interfacing DC motor with 8051 microcontroller. It describes you how to control the DC motor using AT89C51 controller.
  • Interfacing GPS with 8051 Microcontroller: In this interfacing of GPS with 8051 circuit, GPS module calculates the position by reading the signals that are transmitted by satellites.
  • LC Meter using 555 Timer: This is a simple LC Meter circuit designed using 555 Timer and 8051 microcontroller. It is mainly used to measure value of a reactive element like a capacitor or an inductor.
  • 3X3X3 LED Cube: This is a simple a simple LED cube circuit designed without using microcontroller. It is based on the principle of driving LEDs using the clock pulses.
  • LED Interfacing with 8051: The main principle of this circuit is to interface LEDs to the 8051 family micro controller. Commonly, used LEDs will have voltage drop of 1.7v and current of 10mA to glow at full intensity. This is applied through the output pin of the microcontroller.
  • Line Following Robotic Circuit using ATMega8 Microcontroller: This line follower robot is a basic robot that follows a specific path indicated by a line having some particular width.
  • Password Based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller: This system demonstrates a password based door lock system wherein once the correct code or password is entered, the door is opened and the concerned person is allowed access to the secured area. After some time, the door would be closed. Read this post completely to get more information.
  • PWM based DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller: Here is a simple DC Motor speed control circuit designed using AVR Microcontroller. Here we use a technique called PWM (pulse width modulation) to control the speed of DC motor.
  • How to Interface Real Time Clock with PIC18F: Get an idea about RTC, PIC Microcontroller pin diagram and how to interface RTC with PIC18F. RTC is an integrated circuit which keeps track of current time.
  • RFID based Attendance System: This simple RFID based attendance system is designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller and is mainly used in educational institutions, industries, etc. where authentication is needed.
  • Remote Control Circuit through RF without microcontroller: Here we have used RF434 MHz modules to make wireless remote. Using this remote, we can control the appliances within the range of 100 meters. It is used for remote control applications like burglar alarm, car door alarm, calling bell, security systems, etc.
  • Stepper Motor Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller: The main principle of this circuit is to rotate the stepper motor step wise at a particular step angle. The ULN2003 IC is used to drive the stepper motor as the controller cannot provide current required by the motor.
  • Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement: This article describes about the circuit that switches the street lights on detecting vehicle movement and remains off after fixed time. This system controls the street lights using light dependent resistor and PIR sensor.
  • Sun Tracking Solar Panel: This article describes about circuit that rotates solar panel. This Sun tracking solar panel consists of two LDRs, solar panel, stepper motor and ATMEGA8 Microcontroller.
  • Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller: The main principle of the circuit is to switch on the fan connected to DC motor when the temperature is greater than a threshold value.This can be used in home applications and in cpu to reduce heat.
  • Ultrasonic Rangefinder using 8051: This circuit explains you how to measure the distance using 8051 microcontroller. This ultrasonic range finder system measures the distance up to 2.5 meters at accuracy of 1 cm.
  • Water Level Controller using 8051 Microcontroller: Here we are designing the circuit which is used to detect and control the water level automatically in overhead tank using 8051 microcontroller. It is used in industries to control the liquid level automatically.
  • Water Level Indicator: This Water Level Indicator project employs a simple mechanism which helps to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container. It can be used in Hotels, Factories, Homes Apartments, Commercial Complexes, Drainage, etc.
  • Delay using 8051 Timers: Generation of time delays in electronic circuits is a basic but very important requirement in both digital and logic systems. Precise time delays are important in many circuit operations. Delays can be generated using PLLÂ’s but this project uses 8051 to generate precise time delays.
  • 3 LED Bike Light using PIC10F200: A multi-function light for bikes using 3 LED’s with high brightness is designed here. A PIC10F200 microcontroller is used to control the lighting. It is a low cost and high performance microcontroller. The PIC10F200 also requires a small power supply and can operate at 2V. Hence, two AA batteries will be sufficient to power the device.
  • Temperature based Ceiling Fan Speed Control System (230V AC Motor): Ceiling fans have a manual regulator i.e. the speed can be regulated manually. A microcontroller based automatic speed control of ceiling fan based on temperature is designed in this project. A temperature sensor is used for temperature measurement. Additionally, an LCD is used to display the current temperature and also the speed of the fan.
  • Temperature Controlled Fan (DC Motor based with PWM): Speed control of DC motor (fan) using a microcontroller is designed here. A temperature sensor is used and the speed of the DC motor varies according to the temperature. The microcontroller generates a PWM signal according to the temperature.
  • Simple Toll Plaza: A simple microcontroller based automatic toll deduction system is designed in this project. The system uses RFID and GSM technologies. RFID reader at the plaza will detect the users RFID tag and automatically deducts the required amount and the GSM module sends a notification to the user.
  • Real time Car Battery Monitoring and Low Voltage Alert System: Battery is an important device in automotive. The aim of this project is to design a real time battery monitoring system with low voltage alert system. It uses a microcontroller and has voltage measurement circuit and temperature measurement circuit integrated to it. This system can be used in UPS, hybrid vehicles, regular electric vehicles etc.
  • Real Time Burglar Alarm System Using PIR Sensor: Passive Infrared sensors (PIR sensors) can be used in security systems and can prevent burglary. A microcontroller based burglar alarm system is designed here. PIR sensor is the main module along with some other sensors like acoustic and magnetic sensors. The communication is through RF link and an alarm system is installed at the receiving end.
  • Color Sensing Robot: This is a MATLAB based project involving the concepts of image processing and robotics. A camera is used as an image sensor to capture a colored object. Based on the position of the colored object, there will be corresponding movement in the robot. An NXP microcontroller used for this project.
  • RFID Based Bus Ticketing System: The main problem of manual ticketing system is formation of Queues. RFID based ticketing system provides an easy way of buying tickets. RFID can be used to identify the passenger and based on GPS; the fare is automatically deducted as per the distance.
  • Automatic College Bell System Using AT89S52 : An inexpensive and easy to implement automatic college / school bell system is developed in this project. An Atmel AT89S52 microcontroller is used with a display unit and a relay so that the time is displayed and the bell is triggered. This system can be used in academic institutions and avoid manual intervention.
  • Mobile Phone (DTMF) Controlled Electrical Device Switching: A simple mobile phone based home automation system is designed here. A microcontroller, mobile phone, DTMF decoder and few relays are required. The project presented here can handle four electrical devices.
  • RF Transceiver Based Traffic Alert System for Automobiles: This is a microcontroller based traffic alert system. An RF transmitter at the traffic signals transmits the status of the signal lights. The receiver at the vehicle will detect these signals and displays on a LCD display. In case the vehicle is too close to another vehicle or an object, the anti-collision system alerts the user.
  • Auto Turn off Water Pump with Different Time Slot: This is an innovative solution to operate a motor for small duration. If the motor is to be operated for a specific duration of time and then turn off automatically, then this project is very helpful. Four switches are used so that four different time slots can be programmed.
  • Microcontroller Based Public Garden Automation: An important task in agriculture fields and gardens is timely watering of crops and plants. The aim of this project is to implement a microcontroller based garden and agricultural field automation. The timings are programmed in the microcontroller and the respective solenoid valves open or close accordingly.
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Over Voltage Protection System For Industrial Loads: Industries work at high voltages and powers. Even then, a sudden over voltage may bring a catastrophic damage to the whole system. The purpose of this project is to provide over voltage protection for industrial loads. This is based on AVR microcontroller and can be applied to any high power, voltage and current system like substations.
  • Wheelchair Navigation System Based on Voice for Physically Challenged: A voice controlled wheelchair is developed in this project to help the physically challenged. IR sensors are used for proper locomotion. According to the instructions given through the voice control, the wheelchair moves to the specified location as per the predefined path. It also has an obstacle detection system.
  • Microcontroller Based Data Logger: Data acquisition system (also called as data logger) is a stand-alone data recording system. In this project, a temperature data logger using microcontroller is designed. The data from the temperature sensor is analyzed by the microcontroller and transferred to a PC via RS232 link.
  • Robotic Guidance Using Line Following Method: The aim of this project is to establish a robotic control system to follow a line on the ground. The robot consists of a car with onboard visual sensor to see the planned path. The microcontroller is used to establish a path based on the received captured images from the camera. The adopted image processing makes the resulted decisions to be more accurate.
  • Microcontroller Based Water Level Monitoring And Control System: An 8051 microcontroller based water level monitor and control system is designed here. Few water level probes are placed in overhead tank or other water container. The probes are placed such that they indicate quarter, half, three quarters and full levels in the tank. When the tank is full, the relay turns the motor off.
  • LCD Based Voting Machine: A microcontroller based voting machine with LCD display unit is described in this article. It consists of voting unit, a control unit, a display unit and a power supply unit. An Atmega16 microcontroller is used as the main controlling unit. The results can be displayed on the LCD.
  • Fire Extinguishing Robot: Fire fighters try their best to fight and extinguish fire when needed. But an early detection of fire at household level can prevent major accidents. This robot can detect and extinguish fire. Such robots can even assist fire fighters. It can be made to work in autonomous mode or manual mode.
  • Automatic Door Opening System with Movement Sense: The aim of this project is to build an automatic door opening system based on movement sensing. It is a microcontroller based system which uses PIR (passive infrared) sensors to detect motion. They are useful in airports, shopping complex, hospitals, and in every major commercial centers.
  • Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller: Emergency beacons are useful in signaling systems, caution systems and also in warning systems. A microcontroller based beacon flasher is developed in this project. It uses an Arduino based microcontroller.
  • Digital Calendar Using 8051: A calendar is a device that help individual, company etc. at all level to keep time, date, month, and year. A Microcontroller based electronic calendar is designed here. It consists of five modules namely power supply, 8051 interface, digital clock, data, month and year, select set and day.
  • Digital Countdown Timer Using Microcontroller: A countdown timer is an important timing device that is used in keeping time, in examinations and also in sporting events. A microcontroller based countdown timer is designed in this project. It uses seven segment displays to show the countdown time.
  • RF Based Speed Control System For Vehicles: Road safety at important places like schools, hill areas, highways and express ways is very important. In this project, a speed control system for vehicles is proposed at places like mentioned above. It is a microcontroller based system with RF based communication. This is a simple, low cost and a durable project for safety of drivers as well as the public.
  • Vehicle Control System Implementation Using CAN Protocol: CAN is an important protocol in automotive industry. The aim of this project is to implement a CAN protocol based vehicle control system. With the help of this system, digital control of a vehicle is possible. It uses an ARM processor and has integrated different sensors and controls like motor speed control, temperature, IR obstacle, pressure, fuel, vibration etc.
  • Microcontroller Based Monitoring System for Transformer : Transformers are very important electrical devices in power distribution and conversion. Hence, monitoring of different parameters of a transformer like voltage, current and temperature is an important task. A microcontroller based remote monitoring system of a transformer is designed in this project. The wireless data transmission is based on ZigBee protocol.
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Stop Watch: The time elapsed between two events can be accurately measured by a stopwatch. They are different from normal clocks and are very precise. The purpose of the project is to implement a microcontroller based digital stop watch with LCD display. A crystal oscillator can be used for more accurate results.
  • Servo Motor Control Using PIC Microcontroller: Servo motors are used as an alternative to stepper motors where high precision control is required. In this project, a PIC microcontroller based servo motor control is designed. A MATLAB based GUI is used to control the rotation angle of the motor based on the GUI sliders.
  • Real Time Clock Using Microcontroller: In this project, a real time clock is implemented using microcontroller. Real time clock is a very useful time maintain system which runs even in the absence of power. Real time clocks are used in various electronic appliances, digital cameras, mobile phones, hospitals etc. An AT89C55 microcontroller is used with I2C protocol.
  • Radio Frequency Based Real Time Child Monitoring And Alarm System: A childÂ’s safety is of high priority to every parent. The aim of this project is to implement a child monitoring and tracking system that is suitable for monitoring many children and also find out how far are the children from their parents. A PIC microcontroller is the main control unit which is integrated with RF transceivers, GPS module and an alarm.
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Alpha-Numeric Message Scrolling Display: Scrolling Display is a very useful way of displaying messages (both short and long) in public places like buses and railway stations. A microcontroller based scrolling message display system is developed. It also uses photovoltaic cells to power up the device using solar energy. An LED dot matrix display is used. The system can be very efficient and useful as it uses solar energy along with a backup battery.
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Alpha-Numeric Message Scrolling Display: Scrolling Display is a very useful way of displaying messages (both short and long) in public places like buses and railway stations. A microcontroller based scrolling message display system is developed. It also uses photovoltaic cells to power up the device using solar energy. An LED dot matrix display is used. The system can be very efficient and useful as it uses solar energy along with a backup battery.
  • Microcontroller Based Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Using PWM Technique: Induction motors are used in various industrial as well as consumer applications. The speed of an induction motor can be controlled using various methods like stator frequency control being the easiest one. A microcontroller based control of induction motor is very useful in chemical, cement and textile industries where desired speed can be achieved. A PIC microcontroller is used and it generates the necessary PWM signals. It uses FM signals for wireless communication.
  • Microcontroller Based Advanced Automatic City Street Control System: The aim of this project is to implement a microcontroller based automatic city street control system. A PIC microcontroller, an LDR sensor, a photoelectric sensor and a set of relays are used for the purpose of automation. Up on detection of movement or absence of any light, the relays are automatically switched ON or OFF which in turn turns the street lights ON or OFF.
  • Liquid Level Monitoring System: Liquid level monitoring plays an important role in automotive and industries like gas, oil or even water. The aim of this project is to implement a microcontroller based liquid level monitoring system using ultrasonic sensor. A GSM module is also integrated to the system so that wireless monitoring can be achieved.
  • RFID Based Garage Door Entry System: The purpose of this project is to implement RFID technology in garage door opening system. A PIC microcontroller is used as the main module and is integrated with an RFID reader. When the RFID tag, which is carried by the user or fixed to the car, approached the garage door, the microcontroller triggers for an automatic opening of the door.
  • Secure Garage System Using License Plate Recognition Technique: There are many automatic garage door system. Most of them employ any of the wireless communication technique but without any security. A secure garage door system is implemented with license plate recognition technique. A camera is used to capture the image of the license plate and the microcontroller does image processing to convert the image to text. Only authorized numbers will be given access to the garage door.
  • Intelligent High Power LED Street light Control System: A microcontroller based intelligent street light control system is designed here. It consists of a PIC microcontroller, set of light detection resistors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and motion sensors. An array of LEDÂ’s are used as the main lighting source. This is a very useful system as it reduces the unnecessary usage of electricity.
  • Industrial Sorting System Based On Color/Metal Sensing: Industrial automation in material handling will help in speeding up the process of movement of the goods. A microcontroller based industrial sorting system based on color sensing and metal detection is developed here. The system has IR based position sensor, color sensor and metal proximity sensor. Based on the values from these sensors, the microcontroller triggers the movements on the robotic arm and conveyor belt.
  • Automation of Object Sorting Using an Industrial Rob arm and MATLAB Based Image Processing: The aim of this project is to implement automation of object sorting mechanism using an industrial grade robotic arm and image processing technique. An ARM7 based processor is embedded with a camera for capturing images, IR sensor, PC through RS232 interface, robotic arm and conveyor mechanism. An LCD is used to display the object count.
  • Energy Efficient Intelligent Street Lighting System Using ZigBee and Sensors: Energy efficiency and energy conservation are becoming increasingly important. The aim of this project is to implement an energy efficient intelligent street light control system. An ATmega16 microcontroller is used along with a wireless sensor network which includes hall effect sensor, PIR sensor and LDR. A ZigBee based communication can be established to a remote control station and the data can be monitored.
  • Industrial Temperature Monitoring And Control System: Industrial automation through Ethernet provides a faster and more accurate results as Ethernet supports a data rate in the range of 100Mbps to several Gbps. This projects provides an industrial temperature monitoring and control system using Ethernet connection. A microcontroller is integrated with temperature sensor and also with Ethernet driver. LabVIEW is used for virtual instrumentation.
  • Microcontroller Based Temperature Control System with Real Time Data Logger: In this system, an AVR microcontroller based temperature control system with real time temperature data logger is implemented. A temperature sensor is integrated with the microcontroller and according to the temperature, the microcontroller triggers the temperature control unit like cooling fan etc. The data logger mechanism works through RS232 cable connected to a PC and the microcontroller logs the data.
  • GPS Speedometer With Over Speed Alert System: Speedometer is an important part of automobiles as they inform various speed related parameters like RPM, speed etc. A GPS based speedometer is implemented in this project. A microcontroller is connected with a GPS module and GSM modem. The speed is calculated using the GPS technology and the information is sent to the authority via the GSM technology.
  • Real Time Bus Monitoring And Passenger Information System: Public transport is an important means to commute in majority of the countries. Buses are one of the commonly used public transport systems. The aim of this project is to implement a real time bus monitoring and passenger information system. A transmitting system is placed in the bus which has a microcontroller and a GPS module. It transmits the GPS data to the receiving system placed at the bus bay or terminal.
  • Microcontroller Based IR Remote Control Signal Decoder for Home Application: IR based remote controls are commonly used in many electrical and electronic applications. An AVR microcontroller based IR signal decoder system is being implemented in this project so that the remote can be used for other home control applications. It has an IR sensor, an LCD display and a zero crossing detector. It is a cheap, easy and reliable way to implement the decoding system.
  • Real Time Hardware Design to Automatically Monitor and Control Light and Temperature: In this project, the temperature and light are monitored and controlled using a microcontroller based system. It has a light sensor and temperature sensor. The desired light and temperature can be entered by the user and the current and desired values are displayed on the LCD.
  • Alcohol Detection with Vehicle Controlling: An intelligent solution for detecting drunken persons and avoiding accidents is implemented here. An Arduino based system is developed with alcohol sensor, GSM module, GPS module and an LCD display. Up on detection of alcohol, the GPS signals are locked and sent to the contacts of the person via GSM technology. Additionally a DC motor is used to lock the starting of the engine.
  • Automatic Room Light Intensity Based Window Blind Control System: Part of home automation system is control of blinds. A microcontroller based automatic blind control system is developed in this project. The blinds shut or open based on the intensity of the light in the room. For this, a couple of LDR’s are used along with a motor for sliding the blinds.
  • Digital Dice Game Using 8051 Microcontroller : In this project, a microcontroller based digital dice game is created. It consists of 8051 microcontroller, an LCD display for score and a 7– segment display for displaying the number on the dice. Buttons are used for the actions of rolling and reset action of the dice.
  • A Prepaid Energy Meter for Efficient Power Management: Efficient usage of electricity is very important as the usage of electricity is increasing day – by – day. A microcontroller based prepaid energy meter is implemented for efficient power management. The system includes a PIC microcontroller, GSM module, relays, zero crossing detector, voltage and current transformer, keypad and an LCD display.
  • AVR Microcontroller Based Prepaid Energy Meter: Most of the billing systems are manual and are prone to errors. To reduce the human intervention and reduce errors, a prepaid energy meter system based on AVR microcontroller is implemented. A range can be set and once the meter reaches that range, the GSM module indicates the user with a notification.
  • Digital Wattmeter With LCD Display: An ATmega32 microcontroller based digital wattmeter is implemented in this project. It can be used to measure the power of a load. The system employs an IC ADE7751, which serves as voltage and current coil. There is an LCD display for displaying the power. The accuracy can be very high and can be worked on number of loads.
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Tachometer: Tachometers are very useful devices in calculating the revolutions of a motor. A precise feedback from a tachometer can be used to increase the efficiency as well as the performance of the motor. In this project, an 8051 microcontroller (AT89C2051) based digital tachometer is implemented with highly accurate results.
  • Microcontroller Based Contactless Tachometer: The aim of this project is to implement a microcontroller based contactless tachometer. In this system, an ATmega16 microcontroller is used along with an LCD display and an IR transmitter – receiver pair. The shaft of the motor is placed in between the IR pair and is fitted with a cardboard.
  • Electronic Code Lock: The increasing rate of crime, attacks by thieves and intruders has been the main reason for different security gadgets and locks. The aim of this project is to implement a password based electronic code lock using 8051 microcontroller. A keypad and an LCD are used for entering password and displaying information.
  • Terminal System Design based on Hybrid RFID-GPS in: RFID technology provides an accurate, fast and real time identification. They are often used in logistic management for improved performance. In this project, a terminal system is designed based on the hybrid RFID – GPS technologies. It helps in continuously tracking and monitoring of cargo loaded on board for digital logistics. A microcontroller is used along with GSM module, temperature sensor and a buzzer.
  • Vehicle Collision Recognition and Monitoring System Based on AVR: Vehicle accidents are one of the major causes for fatalities and casualties. People lose their lives because of poor emergency facilities and not getting help on time. An ATmega16 microcontroller based vehicle collision recognition and monitoring system is proposed. It uses a 3-axis accelerometer, GSM and GPS modules. In case of any accident, the GPS module’s data is locked and sent through the GSM module to contacts and emergency services.
  • Real Time Water Quality Measurement System based on GSM: Water quality is very important as many types of polluting agents are present in the environment and are polluting the water. A system is designed which does a real time water quality management. A set of sensors like pH, turbidity, conductivity and temperature sensor are integrated to a microcontroller (8051) through an ADC. There is a GSM module included which alerts a remote monitoring center.
  • A Real Time Implementation of Microcontroller Based Propeller Clock: A propeller clock is a linear array of LEDÂ’s that are rotating at a high angular velocity, so that a circular screen is generated. It is based on persistence of vision. In this project, a microcontroller based propeller clock is implemented. It consists of an AT89S52 microcontroller, array of LEDs, IR sensor and a DC motor for rotation.
  • GSM Based ECG Tele-Alert System: Heart diseases are the common form of diseases in humans. Cardiac arrest can cause a sudden and unexpected death. A system is developed that monitors the ECG signals of a person and warns via message. An 8051 microcontroller is interfaced with ECG and GSM module. Up on detection of a cardiac arrest (or any heart disorder), an alert is sent to doctor and personal contact.
  • How to control Stepper Motor using ULN2003 and 8051 Microcontroller (AT89S52): Alternative sources of energy like renewable energy (solar, wind etc.) is of increasing importance. In this project, control of a stepper motor using ULN2003 and 8051 microcontroller is implemented and the concept is applied to solar tracking system. LDRs are used to track the sun and the stepper motor is driven by the microcontroller.
  • On-line UPS using PIC microcontroller: A PIC microcontroller based on-line UPS is designed in this project. The proposed scheme has all the characteristics of a modern UPS. 200VAC is continuously available at the output. A lead acid battery is used. The idea is to keep constant current charging by limiting the duty cycle of the charger. The inverter circuit used in this system is a square wave inverter.
  • PIC Microcontroller Based Wind Turbine Controller: Generating electricity from wind energy is an effective way to reduce the usage of normal electricity. In this project a PIC 16F877A microcontroller based wind turbine charge controller is implemented. A maximum current of 7A can be controlled by the charge controller. A small battery is used in this system. An LCD display and alarm are included to indicate the status of the charge on the battery.
  • Microcontroller Based Solar Charge Controller: Renewable energy is an alternative source to generate electricity. A low cost high performance microcontroller based solar charge controller is designed. Solar photovoltaic panel acts as the input to the system. The system consists of a PIC microcontroller, PV panel, battery and a DC load. It also has an option to control an UPS where a switch can change the source of charge for UPS battery.

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