The 7 Best Butane Soldering Iron Reviews and Buying Guide

Butane Soldering Iron is quite user-friendly and versatile in nature and you should definitely add this tool into your workshop. These days you can find a number of soldering iron products that are portable in nature which makes them quite convenient to carry. If you are in search of the Best Butane Soldering Iron in 2023, then you have indeed landed at the right place.

Before taking at a look at some of the top rated Butane Soldering Irons, here are the most important factor to consider while you are purchasing the best butane soldering iron for your bench, workshop or home use.

  • Temperature: You perhaps need to purchase a soldering iron that comes with adjustable temperature. This can come quite handy for someone who takes different kinds of projects that need specific temperature settings. Another thing that you need to look out is that the model is able to maintain a particular temperature.
  • Wattage: A minimum power of 30W should be produced by the butane soldering iron for good soldering. Models that have low wattage are not able to maintain the temperature for long and thus they take longer time in order to heat up.
  • Soldering Tip: A butane soldering iron should be versatile enough such that it can be used in various applications. Hence, for such types of models, you would have to use interchangeable and removable soldering tips. It is recommended that you use tips made by the same brand such that you don’t face compatibility issues.

Currently, there are many butane soldering irons available in the market and therefore finding the one that can match your needs can get quite difficult.

Hence, to help you out, we have included a Buying Guide that will help you out in purchasing the right product. Besides this, we have come up with the list of some of the best butane soldering iron in 2022 that you can purchase online.

Best Butane Soldering Iron

Butane soldering ironWeightMax Soldering temperatureWarrantyBuy Now
IRODA Butane Soldering Iron‎3.53 ounces
450° FLimitedCheck On Amazon
Power Probe Butane Soldering Iron12.8 ounces930° F1 yearCheck On Amazon
Dremel  Butane soldering Iron 1.35 pounds2192° F2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Master Appliance Butane soldering iron0.16 ounces932° F1 year limitedCheck On Amazon
Iso-Tip Butane soldering iron2.08 ounces750° FNo warrantyCheck On Amazon
Portasol Butane Soldering Iron 4.2 pounds850° F1 yearCheck On Amazon
Wall Lenk Butane soldering iron3.2 ounces920° F1 year limitedCheck On Amazon

7 Best Butane Soldering Iron Reviews

1. IRODA Butane Soldering Iron


IRODA Butane Soldering Iron Iroda Cordless Butane Soldering Kit is the tool for all your soldering needs! It is like having 4 tools in 1, which can be used for fixing wires, making jewelry, and doing crafts.

You can easily switch between 5 different tips for different jobs. The Conical Tip is for regular soldering, the Chisel Tip is for bigger projects. The Heat Blower Tip shrinks tubing, and the Plastic/Paracord Cutter Tip cuts plastic and paracord. The Micro Jet Torch is super handy too!

It is light and portable, so you can take it anywhere. Just wait 25 seconds for it to heat up, and you’re good to go for up to 115 minutes!

And don’t worry about safety – it has a flame control slider, heat-proof holder, and safety cap to keep you safe.


  • Versatile for various tasks like wiring, crafts, and jewelry making.
  • Easy switching between Conical, Chisel, Heat Blower, Plastic/Paracord Cutter, and Micro Jet Torch.
  • Starts in just 25 seconds, saving time.
  • Impressive 115 minutes of continuous use.
  • Convenient for on-the-go projects.
  • Flame control slider, heat-proof holder, and a safety cap for worry-free use.

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2. Power Probe Butane Soldering Iron

power soldering

The Power Probe Butane Soldering Iron Kit is one of the highly rated kits if you are looking for a complete all-in-one option. It is a very portable soldering tool that comes with electronic ignition and it offers a flame adjustment ranging from ½ inch – 2.5 inch.

Further, you can refill it using butane and thus it can easily last for a span of 2 hours. This soldering kit is efficient to do most of the tasks such as cutting plastics and wires, Soldering, Heat shrink wrapping, splicing, Brazing to name a few.

It also has a temperature output regulator through which the temperature can be adjusted very easily. Also, it offers a butane flame of 500 BTU and a power of 120W. Moreover, it is capable of providing enviable heat as the maximum temperature offered by it is 2500° F as a torch and as a soldering iron, it offers 930° F maximum temperature.

Additionally, this Butane soldering kit has a durable storage case. The case is divided into sections that has tips, accessories and attachments. Some of the accessories included are a Soldering tip, hot knife, rosin solder, heat shrink shield, adjustable wrenches to name a few.

It is very efficient to use as the flame can be maintained from all the angles. The best part is that it has a large fuel tank which can be refilled quite easily.

A warranty of 1 year is also provided on this product and thus we recommended that you purchase this product especially if you are a beginner.


  • It comes with adjustable flame
  • It offers a power of 120W
  • Maximum temperature of 950° F for Soldering and 2500° F for torch
  • Long run time of approx. 2 hours
  • Features an organized durable case with generic accessories
  • 1 year warranty

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3. Dremel  Butane soldering Iron

Dremel 2000

The Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip Butane Soldering Iron is indeed a very versatile tool as it offers a number of accessories that can come handy in doing professional or DIY jobs. It is also very convenient and easy to use which helps it to stand out from its competitors.

Further, based on the kind of material that you are using, soldering iron temperature can be adjusted as per the ideal temperature. This can very well be done using variable temperature control from 1022° F to 2192° F.

With this product, you would get 14-piece kit through which you can work on a number of things such as plumbing to Jewelry making. In addition, you would have access to six different tips, a solder, protective cap, tins, cleaning sponge and perhaps two wrenches.

The best thing we liked about this product is that it comes with flame lock. So, this feature can come handy for you just in case you are working on projects that are longer. Using this, you can keep the flame consistently without having to hold the trigger.

Aside from this, the product is of premium quality and thus it can easily last for a very long period of time. Also, you get 2-year warranty with this Dremel product.


  • It has a gas supply for 75 minutes of operation
  • Soldering Temperature range from 1022° F to 2192° F
  • It comes with durable aluminum case and 14 accessories
  • Can be used for Soldering, Hot Air, Cutting and Shrinking
  • The product is very precise
  • 2 year warranty

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4.  Master Appliance Butane soldering iron

ultratouh ut

This product is manufactured by Master appliance that has a reputation of offering top-notch butane soldering iron products.

The Master Appliance Ultratorch UT-100SiK Butane Soldering Iron offers a maximum temperature of 932° F for soldering, which is considered quite good. It offers self-ignition feature and the product is ready to be used in just a span of 30 seconds.

Moreover, it has a sturdy fuel tank having a viewing window through which you can monitor the level of fuel. Also, once the tank is full, it offers a run time of 2 hours, which is sufficient enough even for long jobs. The fuel type used in it is butane and has a tank capacity of 28 cc or 1.6 cu-in.

Aside from this, Ultratorch UT-100SiK is completely portable and cordless in nature and you can preferably use it in doing multiple tasks. Not to mention, it is light weight and has a compact size which looks quite good.

With the product, you also get a steel storage case which is quite durable. Furthermore, it uses Ultra Tip soldering tips, which lasts for long time due to its higher thermal conductivity.

Basically, it is a 3-in-1 tool that can be used as flameless heat tool (hot air), soldering iron and pinpoint butane torch. The hot air temperature can reach up to 1202° F

Ultratorch UT-100SiK presents all its users 1 year limited warranty just in case they face any problems.


  • It comes with Ultra Tip technology
  • It is basically a 3-in-1 tool (Soldering, Hot-air and Torch)
  • The product is light weight
  • Soldering Temperature of 932° F and hot air temperature of 1202° F
  • Run time of approx. 2 hours
  • Power rating of 20W to 80W
  • Refill in 30 S
  • Steel case with attachments for soldering and hot air

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5. Iso-Tip Butane soldering iron

iso tip

This is yet another product that features on our list of the best butane soldering iron.

The Iso Tip 7971 SolderPro 50 Butane Soldering Iron has the fastest melting time and it takes about 20 seconds for getting ready for the soldering purpose. In addition, standard butane is used as a fuel.

Further, once the tank is full, then it can last for 30 minutes before you would have to refill it.  Moreover, it offers soldering temperature range between 410° F – 750° F. In addition, the torch function can reach up to 2400° F. Adding to it, the product can maintain consistent temperatures as well as heat up instantaneously.

Plus, it has a minimalist design and thus it can be used for various purposes such as torch, soldering iron, heat tool, hot knife etc. With this product, you get to protective cap and few soldering tips.

The best thing we liked about this product is that it is cordless, lightweight & ergonomic and hence it can provide you with complete value for money.


  • It is very affordable
  • Manual ignition
  • It comes with protective cap and one soldering tip
  • Power rating of 30W to 70W
  • Maximum Temperature for Soldering is 750° F and for Torch is 2400° F
  • The product just takes 20 seconds to heat up
  • Short runtime of 30 minutes
  • Suitable for beginners and DIY jobs

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6. Portasol Butane Soldering Iron

Portasol butane

If you are looking for a butane soldering iron that is reliable and inexpensive, then the Portasol 10368100 p-50 Butane Soldering Iron is what you would need. It offers a number of safety features which can be quite useful.

This product is indeed very inexpensive and comes along with a unique tip attachment system. Besides this, it can easily get attached to replaceable heating system and therefore extra cost is eliminated that might be needed for soldering tip replacements.

Further, it is equipped with flint ignition system through which flame can be ignited in just a few seconds.

Additionally, it is a power house as it offers a continuous power of 50W. Also, the fuel type used in this soldering iron is butane and it can easily last for 40 – 60 minutes in one filling. Speaking of filling, you can refill it in just 10 seconds. Also, the heat up time is 40 S.

On the other hand, the gas tank that is available with this product is welded ultrasonically such that leaks can be prevented. Adding to it, the product is manufactured using DuPont plastics and thus it can easily be safeguarded from heat, UV rays or cold.

Ideally, this product is perfect for the customers who are looking out for a simple and safe tool. The best thing we liked about this product is that it is available at a very competitive price and thus anyone can easily afford it.


  • Runtime of 40 – 60 minutes
  • Refill in just 10 S
  • Heat up time is only 40 S
  • Maximum temperature is 700° F
  • Power rating is 50W
  • It comes with unique tip system
  • Precise temperature setting is not available

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7. Wall Lenk Butane soldering iron

wall lenk

The last product that features on our list of the best Butane soldering iron is the Wall Lenk LSP-60-1 SolderPro 60 Butane Soldering Iron. It is a 3-in-1 product that can be used as soldering iron, torch as well as hot air.

Besides this, it is very powerful and offers power that is equivalent to 30W – 70W of electrical power. Adding to it, this soldering iron provides approximate temperature measurement and it has a blow torch feature.

Also, it is fueled by butane and it can easily last for 40 minutes once the gas is filled completely. Some of the things that you will get with this product are soldering tip, SOLDERPRO 60 iron, blow torch tip.

The best part is that it is cordless and very inexpensive. A limited warranty of 1 year is also available on this product.

Lastly, it is indeed a multifunction heat tool that has been designed specifically for the DIY enthusiast. Some of the applications where you can use this product are light welding, electronics, hobbies, brazing etc.


  • It can be used for a wide range of applications
  • It has a cordless operation for soldering, hot air and torch
  • The product is very powerful
  • Power rating of 30W to 70W
  • Runtime of 40 minutes
  • 1 year warranty
  • Built quality could had been better

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Things to look out before You buy a Butane Soldering Iron?

1. Soldering Iron Efficiency

Efficiency ideally means the complete performance of the full kit or the tool. So, if you want soldering iron for the professional purpose, then you will ideally need a tool which can be reliable enough.

In such a case, you would have to take care of a lot of factors such as heat up time and flame length. In addition, you need to purchase a product that can heat up in just a span of few seconds.

2. The Maximum and Minimum Temperature

Most of the butane soldering irons that are available in the market do heat up at a certain temperature but checking for the maximum and minimum temperature does hold paramount importance.

For example, there are some products that can reach about 900° F while there are a few that can go up to 2000° F. Hence, you need to be clear about your purpose of use as well as the indicated maximum temperature that you want.

3. Number of Tips Present

There are a few soldering irons that has only a single soldering tip. So, if you are buying a soldering iron, you would have to look out for various options. Hence, find a product that has at least 3 different tips such that various purposes can be served.

Even if you need one tip, then it is advised that you keep other tips in the locker as it can come handy at your home or perhaps any other circumstances.

4. Operating Duration

The time that is taken by the product to exhaust the gas is a very important factor that you have to consider. So, if you are working on a project that is long, then buy a soldering iron product that can provide you with a convenient time range.

In general, the range of soldering iron varies from 10 minutes to 2 hours and hence you need to figure out which soldering iron can be ideal for you and your work.

Besides this, if you want to use the product once in a while, then there is no point purchasing a soldering iron that has long range.

5. Size

Size is another important factor to consider when you are purchasing a butane iron. For instance, if you are using iron in small area, then it might not work in a feasible manner.

On the other side, using small irons in an area that is large may not be a right choice. Hence, purchase a butane iron that is suitable for all the situations.

6. Body Structure

You need to look out for a product that is durable enough as you would have to use it in various situations. Hence, it would be rigorously used. So, give proper importance on the body structure.

7. Stand

With the help of soldering stand, hot iron can be placed at any given place quite safely while you would be working.

Make sure it is manufactured using heat resistant material and perhaps presents a platform that is stable such that the soldering iron can be rested easily.

8. Cordless

If you are looking for a product that is portable and convenient, then opt for a butane soldering iron that is cordless.

The reason is that without a cordless product, the job can sometimes be restricted. Besides this, it operates on gas and perhaps provide you with huge savings and optimal flexibility over a period of time.

9. Brand

A lot of us might be tempted in purchasing a product that is cheap but the fact is that the branded products are of higher and safer quality. In addition, they are impact-resistant & durable and thus its longevity is increased.

You may find them a bit costly initially but later on you will save yourself from repetitive and unnecessary replacement. Besides this, they can guarantee you functional performance, comfortable temperature control, reliable tips, stress -free wattage and sturdy design.

10. Safety

Working with combustible fuel, electronic components and high temperatures is not safe at all. Hence, buy a butane soldering iron that comes along with strong safety credentials. If possible, opt for EDS-Safe products as they are quite safe.

It perhaps helps in controlling the static electricity flow and thus the risk of electric shock is reduced.

Why should You Choose a Butane Soldering Iron?

These days a lot of consumers choose butane irons over its different electronic alternatives. The reason is that they offer a more precise and greater range of temperatures.

In addition, they are very inexpensive and super easy to refuel. Moreover, the need of cords as well as any other clunky soldering station elements are eliminated.

Another reason why you should opt for butane soldering irons is due to the fact that it is quite portable in nature. Hence, it becomes an ideal choice for the people who work in hard reaching places or perhaps outside or on the move.

One very good aspect about butane soldering iron is that they offer hassle-free repairs without the requirement of electricity.

Lastly, it comes up with improved safety, lower cost, and enhanced control and this is the reason it has become a lot more popular.

What are the Applications of Butane Soldering Iron?

There are a number of uses of Butane Soldering iron especially in industrial welding/application work. Some of them include:-

1. Installation

Are you setting up an equipment or appliance like an air conditioner? If, yes, then Butane soldering iron can very well help you with that.

2. Repairs

Has your device malfunctioned? If, that is the case, then soldering tool is what you would need and thus help you out in repairs of all the different sizes.

3. Assembly of Electronics

The fact is that assembling electronics can very well be a very tedious job. But you won’t have to worry as with the right soldering iron your work would become quite easy.

4. Sheet Metal Soldering

Sheet metal soldering can be easily done with the assistance of Butane Soldering iron.

5. Plastic Welding

A soldering iron has the capability of plastic welding and many other tasks that is related to it.

6. Pyrography

If you are a fan of decorating wood using burn marks, then you probably need the assistance of soldering iron.

How to Refill a Butane Soldering Iron?

It is seen that most of the butane soldering irons can easily last for an hour once it is refilled completely.

Moreover, just in case the butane runs out, then the process of refilling is quite easy and all these can be accomplished in just a span of 10-20 seconds.

So, in order to refill a soldering iron, some of the steps needs to be followed which has been mentioned down below:

  • Make sure that you are living in a room that is well ventilated having no fire or perhaps ignition source in and around it. The reason is that butane is quite flammable in nature and it can lead to big fire just in case you refill the soldering iron near the fire source.
  • Soldering iron should be turned up while its tip is facing down on a surface which is stable such as a wooden table.
  • The fill valve needs to be located which is perhaps present at the end of soldering iron. Generally, you can find it at the bottom.
  • The fill can nozzle needs to be pressed while you are holding the soldering iron for a span of 10 seconds. Most of the soldering irons product that is available in the market can be refilled in just a span of 10 -20 seconds.
  • Once you have refilled it, you will get a tendency that the iron is cold. Allow it to settle in for about a minute before you begin to use it again.

You should understand that refilling is a very easy task but it should be executed in a right manner. So, whenever you refill soldering iron, make sure that you are not near the fire source or perhaps smoking cigarettes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Butane Soldering Iron?

Ans: A Butane Soldering Iron is a multi-purpose tool that is used in various soldering jobs such. Similar to any other soldering kits, it has a heated metal tip.
Earlier, it was made using copper bit but the things have changed a lot now and these days it is available in different kinds of materials such that the unique requirement of the customers can be easily fulfilled.

2. How much time does butane soldering iron take for heating?

Ans: The time taken by the butane soldering iron for heating totally boils down to the manufacturer.
You will find few models that comes up with fast heating features using which the soldering iron can be heated up in a span of few seconds, usually 30 – 40 seconds.

3. Why is my butane soldering iron not heating up?

Ans: The first and obvious reason would be the Butane Gas. Check if the tank has enough Butane for heating. Another common problem for iron not getting up to the temperature or not heating up is the build-up of Butane. Ignite the iron a lot of times (20 – 30) to get rid of butane build up.

4. How black soldering iron tip can be cleaned?

Ans: Soldering irons come up with cleaning sponges & soldering bass which are made using bass. These elements assist in removing any residue that might be left due to soldering process.

5. How to pick the right tip for soldering iron?

Ans: Soldering iron tips are available in different kinds of shapes and sizes. Hence, in order to choose the correct option, you need to make sure that it is compatible with iron.
Further, determine the kind of tip that you want. Additionally, make sure that the tip that you select of the right size. In general, you should avoid smaller size equipment.
Besides this, you can also ask your family or friends for any referrals such that it can help you to save your efforts, time and in turn you get complete value for your money.

6. Why is butane soldering iron products preferred?

Ans: The reason butane soldering iron products is preferred due to the fact that it is efficient, portable, accessible and a lot flexible.

7. Is a soldering iron of 30 watts enough?

Ans: The soldering iron of 30 watts is considered fine enough but the tip might be a bit small. Also, it is seen that the maximum temperature of various irons can vary depending on the metal that is being used.

8. Which gas is considered the best for the purpose of soldering?

Ans: MAPP gas is considered as the best choice for the purpose of soldering. A 5- 10 seconds of MAPP gas heating can easily get the job done for you.

9. Why is my solder not sticking?

Ans: The reason your solder is not sticking is due to the fact that you are not making the solder hot enough. In order to fix it, you would have to put a nice blob of solder on the iron tip.
Further, the solder blob needs to be pressed into the metal that you wish to solder.


With so many soldering iron tools available in the market, selecting the best butane soldering iron is not an easy task. Hence, to help out our valuable users, we have included best products in our list.

  • However, it is advised that you opt for is IRODA Butane Soldering Iron The reason is that it is that it is quite portable and perhaps it can get ignited in just a push of a button. In addition, it has a very sturdy tank.
  • Another option that you should definitely try is POWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit. It is the due to the fact that it is very powerful and it comes along with organized durable case. Besides this, it also has adjustable flame.

We have done of research before adding each of the product and therefore you should not hesitate to purchase any of them. In addition, we advise you to go through our buying guide such that you are able to bring home the right kind of product.

For any queries, please feel free to drop your comments below.

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