30+ DTMF Projects for Engineering Students

DTMF Refers to Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Signaling. This DTMF is used for telecommunication signaling over analog telephone lines in the voice-frequency band between telephone handsets and other communications devices and the switching center.

Here, we have published a list of various DTMF projects ideas which are all very interesting to learn and as well as very helpful for final year engineering students in completing their B.Tech successfully. So, check the following list of DTMF based projects ideas.

List of DTMF Projects for Engineering Students:

  • DTMF Controlled Home Automation System : The main objective of this project is to implement home automation system for achieving the remote control operation of home appliances using DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) technology.
  • DTMF Based Electronic Voting Machine: The main idea of this project is to replace the ballot paper type of voting system and make convenient form of electronic voting system by implementing a cell phone based voting system using DTMF technology.
  • DTMF Based Effective Switching System for Power Efficiency: In this project, switching operation of various appliances in home and office are controlled in an effective way using DTMF decoder in the circuit. Along with DTMF decoder, microcontroller unit and GSM mobile facilitates this type of switching operation.
  • DTMF Based Pick and Place Robot: Due to the limited working range of wireless controlled robots, DTMF controlled pick and place robot offers remote control operation over larger working range through the GSM mobile.
  • DTMF Based Controller for Efficiency Improvement of a PV Cell & Relay Operation Control: The aim of this project is to perform the remote control operation of relays and also to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic cells by remotely regulating its open-circuit voltage using DTMF technology.
  • Mobile Operated or DTMF Based Spy Robot: This project aims to develop a mobile operated spy robot which can be useful for surveillance in enemy terrain by controlling its movements through DTMF based circuit and mobile phone.
  • DTMF Based Irrigation Water Pump Controller: The objective of this project is to control the irrigation pumps remotely using DTMF based device. By receiving the tones from the remote mobile, circuit attached to the motor control its switching operation.
  • DTMF Based Stepper Motor Control: This project is designed to perform the position control of stepper motor remotely using DTMF technology. The ADC interfaced with microcontroller unit set the step-angle to stepper motor.
  • DTMF Based Industrial Automation: The main objective of this project is to design a DTMF based industrial remote monitoring system which can be used for acquiring different parameters of industrial processes and then to send control signals accordingly.
  • DTMF Based IR Proximity Detector: The aim of this project is to build a proximity detector circuit using DTMF based IR transmitter and receiver. Whenever this circuit detects the valid tone in its proximity, it gives high output which can be further used for controlling any device.
  • DTMF Based Human less Boat Control for Oceanic Research Applications: This project demonstrates the remote control operation of a boat using DTMF technology. In this, robot (as a boat) is designed to travel in water which is equipped with battery and internal control circuit. By using DTMF, this robot movement can be controlled via mobile phone or landline.
  • Design and Implementation of Hybrid Agricultural Robot: This project aims to build a hybrid agricultural robot which can capable of spraying pesticides to the crops. This robot is controlled through the DTMF signals received from remote mobile phone.
  • DTMF Based Multi-tasking Robot Vehicle with Password Protection: The main aim of this project is to build a cell phone controlled multi-taking robot by DTMF technique. Along with remote control nature, this robot also includes the features like metal, temperature & humidity sensing nature, obstacle avoidance, edge detection, etc.
  • DTMF Based Prepaid Energy Meter: This project is intended to control the load to the consumer in the event where user didnÂ’t pay the electricity bill. This microcontroller based circuit calculates the energy consumption and simultaneously decreasing points from user account. Once all the points are over, it disconnects the supply by receiving call from service provider.
  • DTMF Based DC Motor Control: This project is designed to control the speed of a DC motor via mobile phone using DTMF technology. With this circuit precise speed control as low, medium and high speed tasks are performed.
  • Remote Control System for Cutting Machine through Mobile and DTMF: This project proposes a control system for remote control operation of cutting machine using GSM network based mobile phone and DTMF decoder.
  • Cell Phone Based DTMF Controlled Garage Door Opening System: The main intention of this project is to increase the security for homes, offices, and commercial complexes by operating their garage door via DTMF commands received from remote mobile.
  • Display of Dialed Telephone Numbers on Seven Segment Displays: This project demonstrates the procedure of displaying the dialed numbers or phone number of called party on a seven segment display using DTMF decoder. DTMF signal converts the DTMF signal to corresponding decimal which further displayed on seven segment display.
  • Designing & Implementation of Mobile Operated Toy Car by DTMF: This project implements a toy car which is operated through DTMF signals which are received from remote mobile phone. This car is assembled with AVR microcontroller with motor drivers to control the speed and direction of car.
  • Mobile Operated Land Rover Using DTMF Decoder: The main aim of this project is to build land rover robot which can be used for surveillance or land mines detection. This robot is controlled remotely through DTMF signals received from remote mobile.
  • Design of Mobile Phone Controlled Four Legged Walking Robot: Legged robots can access the challenging terrains as compared with wheeled robots which require relatively flat surfaces. In this, four legged walking robot is designed with servo motors. This robot is controlled remotely by a mobile by attaching DTMF decoder circuit to the robot to receive DTMF signals.
  • DTMF Based XBee Switch: This project illustrates the use of DTMF with XBee to have remote control of loads as well as multi-load control system. In this project, load switching circuit and load control circuit are separated Zigbee modules. Zigbee transmitter with DTMF decoder receives the command signals from remote mobile.
  • Radio Remote Control using DTMF: This project makes use of Radio Frequency (RF) to generate the DTMF based control signals to have control on various loads. At the transmitter side, these DTMF tones are acts as frequency modulation signals of the carrier while at the receiver end, these are converted back to DTMF and then to BCD to control the loads.
  • DTMF based Smart Notice Board System: This system is a step beyond for the manual process of updating the information on notice boards. This project remotely controls the information to be displayed on notice board through GSM mobile. At notice board side, a DTMF decoder decodes the signals and then sends to the microcontroller which updates the information.
  • FFT based DTMF detection by using Spartan 3E FPGA: This project demonstrates the FFT based DTMF detection by using Spartan 3e FPGA. For synthesis and simulation, Xilinx tool is used in this project.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for Educational Institution: This project deals with DTMF based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which builds the bridge between computer database and people. When user presses any key or touch tone, DTMF decoder at the receiver end retrieve the information from database based on DTMF signal.
  • A Simple and Efficient Traffic Light Preemption by Emergency Vehicles using Cellular Phone Wireless Control: This is simple and efficient way of controlling the traffic lights by emergency vehicles like Ambulance and fire engines. When the person in this emergency vehicle makes a call to the phone attached with controller, it preempts all the traffic light after an authentication.
  • Dual-tone Multifrequency Signal Detection using Support Vector Machines: This project demonstrates the comparison of hybrid DTMF detection model with conventional DTMF model. This project deals with the intelligent approach based DTMF detection using support vector machines. This scheme is simulated using MATLAB software.
  • Collision Vigilant With Automatic Dialer: The main aim of this project is to make automatic dial in the event of any collision for vehicle. This system consists of proximity sensor, glass break sensor and smoke sensors. Whenever these sensors give the input to microcontroller, it sends the control signals to DTMF dialer which automatically makes the cal to the predetermined mobile number.
  • Microcontroller Based Reprogrammable Digital Door Lock Security System by Using Keypad: This project combines both DTMF encoder and DTMF decoder to make highly secured door locking system. Keypad and microcontroller are interfaced with DTMF encoder while input from mobile phone is transferred to microcontroller via DTMF decoder.


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